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"The 3 Secrets That Save From Fall Injuries, Every Mature Adult Should Know (In As Little As 1 hour) WITHOUT Any Tedious Workout & WITHOUT Leaving Your Home!"

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Secrets You Need to Know

There are 3 secrets to getting CONTROL over your life, regaining movements that you thought you have lost forever, and doing the things that you love without the fear of falling, in just MINUTES...

Secret #1 - The #1 Reason for Fall Injury That You Can Easily Avoid…

Secret #2 - You Don’t Have To WORKOUT…

Secret #3 - You Don’t Have To BECOME An Athlete…

100% FREE - Masterclass Training

Thursday, April 27, 11 am EST

"Ido is a master at instilling confidence in how to fall safely. His approach is caring and produces immediate results. Ido's technique takes fear out of the equation. I recommend his course to everyone, better safe than sorry."

- Agathe Mathue

"Excellent presentation Ido, I am enjoying your program. Thanks again for an enlightening webinar."

- Brent Calhoun

""I have had several bad falls in the past. Since taking Ido's classes I have been practicing his YFC method and I feel improvement in my everyday activity. Ido educates on what we are doing that is contributing to our falls and then teaches us how to change."

-Bryna Whit


100% FREE - Masterclass Training

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