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You can start living better now, but HOW?

Monday, November 21, 2022

The best lesson I constantly get from my parents is choosing the optimistic view of life.
Both of them, each with a different style, always choose to see the good things. See the good deeds of the people around them. This way they live in a good world that provides them strength.
I would like to share just 2 small examples:

1. Recently, my dad got hospitalized for a couple of days (all is well - thank god). When I came to take him home, the first thing he told me was how nice and helpful the medical team was. He did not talk about the inconvenience nor about his fears, instead, he shared the good things that he saw.

2. Yesterday I visited my parents. Like always, we sat around the kitchen table. My mom watched the birds in her garden and admired their beauty. For decades my mom is sitting at the same chair, observing these birds. Everyday she finds a new beautiful thing that they are doing. SO, what viewpoint have you chosen for the day?

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