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What Hppenned? You Fell?! Are You OK?

Monday, November 21, 2022

Mom: I fell today when I took the dogs out.
Ido: What happened?! You fell? Are you OK?
Mom: there was a puddle of water that I did not notice. I slipped on it and fell.
Ido: Has anything happened to you?
Mom: I got wet by the puddle of water, but it’s OK. Also, a woman who saw it ran to me and was so surprised To see me rise without any harm. She was sure I broke my face.

This conversation is almost word by word, the one I had it with my mom a few years ago. She fell on the sidewalk and… Nothing happened to her. She just performed what she had learned in my class.

The woman, a neighbor, joined my class a few weeks later.
I encourage you to follow her, my mother and more satisfied seniors, who learnt how to control their falls; and join my course.

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