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Over 65? Do you think falling is your enemy?

Monday, November 21, 2022

You are not alone.
Most seniors are afraid of falls.
Like you, they have seen how a close one falls and does not make it to next year.

Isn’t it horrible?
When I started to teach my parents to fall safely, My main concern was not to hurt them.
God forbid it is I who caused the damage.
So how did I teach them and Many other seniors?
This are the 2 main secrets:

First rule: do not reach the pain.
Pain is always wrong. Practice slowly, with moderate improvement, and awareness.

Second rule: Relax.
Relaxation is the key to reaching the ground softly without getting hurt.
This is why I constantly ask my students to breathe and smile during our practice.

Thank you for sharing with others who might benefit.

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