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Keep It Up! 3 Secrets to Start Training Easily-And Sticking with It

Monday, November 21, 2022

When I was 25 I started practicing Tai Chi. My instructor told me that in order to pick it up easily in 3 months, I must practice daily.

I immediately decided to do my best to practice every day. Everyday I did my best to practice, and of course I did not do anything. I just committed to do my best to train, and did not commit to actually train every day. I just did the minimum of attending the weekly classes.

This is the reason it took me more than a year to learn the full 99 movements form. So here are 3 techniques for achieving persistence in your training.


I found that too big of a challenge is too much for me. So I cut every challenge to small pieces that I can swallow. Start with picking only one drill that you feel comfortable with. Start with it. Perform it everyday for 3 days. Then add another one. After some 3 more days, add another one Then another and so on. Remember. We have a full month of training ahead. It is a lot of time but you need to use it well.


We all have small things that we like: Food, TV shows, Hobbies...
You can turn what you like into a tool for your persistence. Pick up that one thing you are almost addicted to and set it as your reward. When you finish your training - reward yourself with it. You earned it. 


Setting a defined time and place to train is a powerful tool. When you train, even for a few minutes a day, at the same time and place, You set your mind. After a week it becomes a routine and after 2 weeks it is already a habit.

The three secrets help persisting not only in training.  In Your Fall Control, we apply them, and many more, to help you feel safer.
Use the three secrets, create healthy habits,
And Keep It Up!

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